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Graduate studies at Master and PhD levels in Technology and Sustainable Development

CSTM – the Twente Centre for Studies in Technology and Sustainable Development at the University of Twente - was established in 1988 to conduct environmental policy research and cleaner production, expanding during the 1990s to a more general focus on technology and sustainable development. Its mandate mirrors the entrepreneurial goals of the University of Twente: to conduct and apply innovative research for the benefit of society. We specialise in governance, emphasising sustainable development, environmental quality, and technological innovation - from both developed and developing country perspectives.

Our research program 'Innovation and Governance for Sustainable Development' is a strategic research orientation in the Institute for Governance Studies and is built around four research themes addressing different areas of sustainable development: water management, energy and climate, sustainable production and consumption, and sustainability at the regional/local level. All these areas present major governance challenges and responding to them is vital for sustainable development and innovation. The program was recently (2009) reviewed by an international panel, obtaining the highest possible ranking.

We offer graduate studies at both Master and PhD levels. Our Master of Environmental and Energy Management is primarily organized by our division in the northern province of Fryslan. Our PhD program offers guidance to an increasingly large number of students from all over the world.

In addition to several part-time professors, CSTM has two full-time
Chairs: "Policy Studies and Environmental Policy" and "Technology and Sustainable Development in a North-South Perspective". More information:

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