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Thursday, November 07, 2013

The Republic of Uganda endorsed the World Clean Technology Summit 2013

The World Clean Technology Summit which took place 31 October – 2 November 2013 at Fairway Hotel, Kampala Uganda, attracted global attendance, case studies and projects from around the world.
The event which had VIP presentations on Policy and Opportunities for Investment in Clean Energy by Mr. Godfrey Ndawula, Ass. Commissioner Renewable Energy, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development (MEMD), and later officially opened by Hon.SIMON D’UJANGA,  Minister of State for Energy, Republic of Uganda, was followed by  intensive discussions, networking sessions, and an exhibition showcasing projects such as, Advanced renewable technologies that power our world; Biogas; Waste management and Incineration; Solar water heating for carbon credits; Green IT; Oil and Gas; Investment and partnership opportunities in Uganda; Community development projects; Greenfoot
Global’s Envirotabs usage in fleets for pollution control and emission reduction on the African continent; Clean Cookstoves; Cooking bags; Charcoal Briquettes; Green Detergents; ECO-tiles,  just to mention but a few.
Below is the Minister’s Speech:


Your Excellencies

Distinguished Participants, Ladies and Gentlemen,

1.      It gives me great pleasure to address you at this International World Clean Technology Summit

2.      On behalf of the government of the Republic of Uganda and on my own behalf I would like to welcome you to this important Summit. We are proud to be hosting this event, which we see as critical for information diffusion on clean energy technologies from the best actors the world over.

3. I would like to thank the Management of Pilot International and in particular the President and Chief Executive of Pilot International Ms.Robinah K. Nanyunja for drawing this event to Uganda.
We also appreciate the World Clean Technology Summit for its effort in promoting sustainable development.

4. Uganda has undertaken reforms in the power sector aimed at :-
i)      Reducing the burden of subsidies;
ii)     Improving the quality of service;
iii)    Improving the collection rates;
iv)      Reduction in network losses; and
vi)     Attracting private capital in generation and distribution networks.
5. Uganda is endowed with various renewable energy resources which include; hydro, plentiful woody and non woody biomass, solar, wind and geothermal.

6. In this regard, Government has adopted and is implementing a Renewable Energy Policy that is addressing barriers to the development and wide usage of Renewable Energy Technologies (RETs) including high upfront costs, inadequate legal and institutional frameworks, limited technical and institutional capacity, limited awareness among others and irrational utilization of biomass resources.

7. The main feature of this policy is the introduction of a Standard Power Purchase Agreement and Feed in Tariff for various renewable energy resources. This was intended to shorten the transaction time for investors in power sector and create a predictable investment climate.

8. All these measures were taken in recognition that adequate and affordable energy is an essential element for Uganda’s development, and is consequently a priority sector for the government.

9. The government’s commitment to this sector is strongly borne out by the fact that Uganda is an official “first-mover country” under the Sustainable Energy for All initiative.

10. Uganda has set up a concrete plan of action for attaining the SE4ALL targets has been developed with three priority actions areas of increased; renewable energy generation, energy access and energy efficiency.

 11.   Increased renewable energy generation.
The key action is the streamlining of regulatory requirements to accelerate investments in, and operations of, medium and small scale renewable electricity Independent Power Producers (IPP) projects. This event is an important forum for bringing the requirements of the private sector to bear on this streamlining process.

12.  Increased energy access.
We wish to see the increased use of solar photovoltaic systems for rural productive enterprises and institutions, as well as the commercial dissemination of solar lanterns for isolated rural households and
institutions through micro-financing. I believe it is clear that the private sector, including financiers, have a crucial role to play in this regard.

13. Increased energy efficiency.
This require requires, improved energy management in the industrial sector through partnerships between Ugandan, regional and international industry associations to undertake energy audits, and finance Demand Side Management activities.

14. These priority action areas require enhanced coordination and public/ private sector cooperation in the Ugandan energy sector and other partners the world over.

15. The World Clean Technology Summit has an aim  to bring together world leaders in renewable energy, exhibitors, investors, scientists and clean energy providers from around the world to engage , interact with each other , exchange business contacts, forge partnerships, and pave a way forward for wide spread usage  clean energy technologies.
Let us all go for any opportunities that will come our way in the course of this summit. Uganda is “ready to go” clean energy technologies

In Conclusion

16. Excellences, Ladies and Gentlemen, working with our Development partners, key government agencies, the private sector and civil society, we shall endeavor to implement the action areas we shall jointly identify at this summit. However, this requires concerted effort from all stakeholders, and I therefore urge you to use this event as a launching pad for wider spread of clean energy technologies especially in the Least Developed Countries.

17. On behalf of the Government of Uganda, and the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, I declare this Summit officially opened.

18. Thank you very much.”

Minister of State for Energy
Republic of Uganda


World Clean Technology Summit (WCTS)
 31October-2November 2013, Fair Way Hotel, Kampala Uganda.
Website: www.pilotinternationalconferences.com

Every year the World Clean Technology Summit brings together world leaders in renewable energy, exhibitors, investors, scientists and clean technology providers from around the world to engage, interact with each other, exchange business contacts, forge partnerships, and pave a way
forward for a sustainable future: www.pilotinternationalconferences.com

Partner Events
RETECH 2013: The Renewable Energy Technology Conference & Exhibition
September 9-11, 2013 | Marriott Wardman Park | Washington, DC, USA.
Website: http://www.retech2013.com

This September 9-11, thousands of business leaders, investors, technology innovators, federal and state government officials and university educators – representing every aspect of the renewable energy industry –will unite for three days at the Marriott Wardman Park in Washington, DC,USA.

RETECH educates and informs its international attendee base with a technical program that addresses relevant and cutting-edge topics in renewable energy technologies, power generation, military and government, and business. Known as “the place to get business done,” RETECH puts you in touch with the renewable energy experts you need to get in front of to position your company for future success.
All members of Pilot International will receive 10% discount, if they register through the VIP code PILOT10 or this direct link:


World Clean Technology Summit (WCTS)
26-28 September 2012, Kampala Uganda

The World Clean Technology Summit will bring together world leaders in renewable energy, exhibitors, investors, scientists and clean technology providers from around the world to engage, interact with each other, exchange business contacts, forge partnerships, and pave a way forward for a sustainable future.

The Following are objectives for the World Clean Technology Summit:

•     Create a shared understanding of the role governments, private sector,
Non-Profit, Academic and the media play in promoting clean technologies to achieve a sustainable future for all;

•     Provide a platform for companies, investors, Governments, foundations,
Academicians and civil society organizations to share the efforts they are undertaking to promote clean technologies and to publicize new commitments to action;

•     Inspire new forms of public-private, private-private partnerships,
public policy measures, and associated business and development opportunities to overcome environment and development challenges at the country and international levels.

What the WCTS will do for you?

• Position your company as a leader among experts and the corporate class from around the world.

• Enhance your business connections with a cocktail of networking opportunities from the summit, exhibitions and at the global awards ceremony.

• Capitalize on carbon market opportunities and other investment opportunities in Africa’s LDCs from different sectors such as Energy, Transport, Water, Health, Agriculture and Forestry, Manufacturing, Mining, sustainable buildings and many others.

• Seek out new markets, financing opportunities and partners from renewable energy projects, clean technology providers, Agriculture, Insurance/risk managers and global innovations.

• Position your investment as a carbon emission reduction project for identification to an international delegation of potential carbon buyers, partners and business contacts.

Who Will Be At the WCTS 2012?

• Investors, Financing Institutions, Brokers.
• Technology leaders and providers, technology developers, buyers and manufacturers.
• Government leaders, policy makers.
• Academia: Leaders in research & development.
• Private sector leaders: Service providers, Manufacturers & the business community.
• Non-Profit Organizations: Leaders at the forefront of International Development.
• Media: Leading publications, Websites, Television, Radio & SMS media

Download participation forms here:
Themes & papers
2012 Registration form
2012 Exhibition form
2012 Awards nomination form
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For general inquiries send request to:
info@pilotinternationalconferences.com, info@pilot-int.org


2011 Events

Innovation and Sustainability Conference & Expo 2011, Africa, 24-27 August 2011, Kampala Uganda.

The Innovation and Sustainability Conference & Expo 2011 Africa, will bring together key leading global innovators, sustainability experts, policy makers, business leaders and scientists from Renewable energy companies, Governments, Private sector, Industry, Consultants, Non-profit, Financing agencies, Research & Development, Oil and Gas, and Academia to discuss, showcase, network and identify leading green businesses, technologies, projects, development partners and opportunities from Africa and around the globe.

The conference will run alongside an expo featuring an international market place of green initiatives, development partners, manufacturers and consumers.  The event will conclude with a “Pilot Awards Ceremony” where high profile prizes in innovation and sustainability will be awarded to distinguished personalities, projects and organizations for their achievements in global innovation and sustainability.

Call for Sponsors, Partners, Exhibitors, Speakers, participants and Pilot Awards Nominations is now open at:  http://www.pilotinternationalconferences.com/

Earth Day 2011 Uganda, Theme: “A Billion Acts of Green”

Pilot International, a Global Partner to Earth Day Network-USA, http://act.earthday.org/pilot-international, celebrated Earth Day 2011 Uganda. The event took place at the Conference Hall Faculty of Food Science and Technology Makerere University on 21 April 2011 at 9.00 am with a local theme “Waste Collection and Recycling as a Green Act”. Guest speakers, participants and representatives came from Kampala, Wakiso, Kibaale, and Mukono Districts from institutions such as, Trees For the Future; Taylor Biomass Energy Investment Project in Uganda; Makerere University students, District Environmental and Wetlands Officers, the business community, innovators, conservationists and the media.

The billion acts of green that arose out of this event which participants voluntarily pledged  included: Planting more trees in the universities, Keeping Green and Clean Makerere University; Continued use of electronic marketing, since it has no environmental damage; Buy waste from the general population; Proper waste disposal; Teaching others about going green; Energy conservation; Conservation of wood fuel; Keep in contact with Pilot International because it is a green organization; Planting more trees in the community; Collect plastics; Switch off lights when not in use; Learn to cut one tree and plant four; Increase public awareness on the importance of fragile ecosystems; Innovation in business; Support Agro forestry; Conserving Chimpanzees; Sorting garbage; Install energy efficiency in breweries and distillation plants. For more information please visit: http://www.pilotinternationalconferences.com/


2010 Events

2010 Pilot International Conference on Global Sustainable Development

Endorsed by the Honorable Minister of Water and Environment for the Republic of Uganda, Ms. Maria Mutagamba, The 2010 Pilot International Conference on Global Sustainable Development, with a theme “Climate Change, A Challenge to Businesses in the 21st Century” which took place 19-21 November 2010 at Speke Resort Hotel Munyonyo Kampala Uganda, attracted local and international delegates from North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa to the African continent to discuss and showcase how climate change is a challenge to businesses and discuss what could be done.

The conference ran alongside an exhibition and concluded with a networking dinner where high profile prizes, the “Pilot Awards,” were awarded to high profile dignitaries for their achievement and contributions to development, humanitarian and sustainability sectors. The Honorable Acting Chief Justice of Uganda, Mrs. Leticia Mukasa Kikonyogo bestowed the “Pilot Awards” upon the nominees. The industry leaders represented included biofuels, biogas, sustainable agriculture, sustainability in manufacturing just to mention but a few. “Pilot International has provided a positive challenge in Climate change as an opportunity for business.

This is a turning point to both government and the private sector”, said the Minister of Water and Environment. For more information visit: http://www.pilotinternationalconferences.com/ and click on “Pilot 2010”.



2011 Global Pliot Award Winners

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