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The University of Gezira signs MOU with Pilot International

Every year, Pilot International through The World Clean Technology Summit brings together world leaders in renewable energy, exhibitors, investors, scientists and clean energy providers from around the world to engage, interact with each other, exchange business contacts, forge partnerships, and pave a way forward for a sustainable future with the following objectives:

•       Create a shared understanding of the role governments, private sector, non-Profit, academic and the media play in promoting clean energy to achieve a sustainable future for all;

•       Provide a platform for companies, investors, Governments, foundations, academicians and civil society organizations to share the efforts they are undertaking to promote clean energy and to publicize new commitments to action;

•       Inspire new forms of public-private, private-private partnerships, public policy measures, and associated business and development opportunities to overcome environment and development challenges at the country and international levels.

One of the major outcomes for The World Clean Technology Summit which took place 31 October – 2 November 2013 at Fairway Hotel, Kampala Uganda, was the signing of the memorandum of understanding between the University of Gezira and Pilot International. Under this partnership, both institutions will design and implement joint programs for community development as well as innovative teaching and curriculum development for community development and academia among others.

In her concluding remarks, The President of Pilot International expressed gratitude to His Excellency the Vice Chancellor for the University of Gezira for the trust and confidence he has entrusted in the leadership of Pilot International, and urged participants to be honest and dedicated in order to attract meaningful development cooperation.  
She assured the partners that the partnership will be implemented according to the agreement with dedication to quality delivery, good governance and accountability. She further emphasized that what is good to Pilot International is good to the community, to the people of Uganda and Sudan, and to the global community at large.


Pilot International Foundation (PIF)

Connecting People, Ideas & Environment

Pilot International Foundation (PIF) was established as a philanthropic arm of Pilot International. Our mission is to support projects which help improve the quality of life of people by promoting the adoption of Cleaner and Safer Environmental practices; Global health; Education; and Poverty reduction through responsive economic development that takes into account environmental responsibility, in order to contribute to a sustainable future for all communities around the world.



We support and operate within four major program areas:

Clean technology; Energy (Renewable, Clean energy & Energy efficiency); Waste disposal & Recycling; Forestry; Agriculture; Safe water; Oil, Gas & Mining; Climate Change mitigation & adaptation measures; Environmental innovations, awareness & education.

2.Global Health
Food & Nutrition; Water & Water borne diseases; Waste, Sanitation & Hygiene; Reduction of Malaria; Family planning; Child & Maternal health; Disability.

3.Poverty & Development
Our grant programs support projects assisting people through Gender & Community Empowerment; Financial Services for the Poor; and capacity building for entrepreneurial skills development.

4.Education & Information
Educational grants to studies related to our focal areas; Motivational speaking and mentorship to secondary and Postsecondary Education;  online free knowledge resource centers for educational and other developmental opportunities.



Our special projects include Humanitarian assistance in any emergency areas conforming to the core values of Pilot International Foundation.



Through your generous support, PIF can improve the quality of life. If you care to help us improve the quality of life of other people, and wish to support our foundation, please see the contribution information below:

You can transfer or pay money from your bank directly to the Foundations’ account and leave the target-oriented spending of your donation to us.

If you would like to support a particular project in any of our focal areas and special projects, please specify on the transfer or payment slip.

If you wish to offer your long-term support, you can contribute to the Foundation’s reserve fund (if so, please specify ‘donation for reserve fund’).

Your commitment will be rewarded by the gratitude of the people you help. You will also enjoy recognition and acknowledgement from the Foundation, and in the different media of Pilot International.  Since our Foundation is entitled to issue tax-deductible receipts for donations, you will also take advantage of attractive tax benefits.


Contributions to Pilot International Foundation are tax-exempted to the extent permitted by law.

If you have any questions about donating to us, or you would like to request for the banking information, please send us an email to info@pilot-int.org, and indicate in the subject “Donation to Pilot International Foundation”.

To send your gift by Mail, please make your check payable to Pilot International Foundation and mail it to: Pilot International, Plot 15/17 2nd Street Industrial Area, PO Box 22500 Kampala Uganda.



Pilot International Foundation (PIF) is promoting urban farming and greening in the suburbs of Kampala city by educating the community to plant fruit trees. PIF distributes the fruit seedlings through local leaders, religious institutions and youth groups. This program is meant to improve the environment in the city suburbs and also contribute to improved nutrition through fruit consumption.

Pilot International Foundation contributes to the environmental cleaning of Kampala city and in the suburbs by encouraging sorting of garbage and collection of plastics and metallic wastes. PIF does this by creating a market to waste, linking collectors to recycling industries.

Pilot International Foundation donates household items to disadvantaged communities.

Pilot International Foundation has contributed to the education of the following children, who would otherwise find it difficult to acquire formal education:
1.    Kenneth Rogers Buwembo (Male)- Currently in primary six
2.    Sandra Nabayinda (Female) – Currently in high school
3.    Vanessa Josephine Nampewo (Female)- Currently at University

With your generous support, we can increase the number of projects and beneficiaries of our programs. Download donation form.



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