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International Education:

We link eligible students to study Bachelors, Masters, PhD and professional courses from abroad. We disseminate contacts for international universities, and provide required assistance and guidance to students applying to international universities.
One of today’s major societal challenges is the creation and development of a sustainable society. Professional and higher education plays an important role of educating the future generation who would directly contribute to sustainable growth in society. One way to achieve global sustainable development is the need of a highly trained population with access to quality education. This would not only equip graduates to have a competitive advantage in the global employment market, it would also contribute to development of innovations from different professional lines.

Organizing and participation in events and campaigns related to global sustainability:

We disseminate conference information and connect interested parties to local and international conferences, workshops and seminars. Furthermore, we write technical papers for publishing to these events.
To spearhead innovations and enhance collaborations, professionals, technical staff and students need to share work and study experiences with like-minded people in both local and international fora. People dispatch to international and local conferences to share experiences and learn new lessons which they can use to improve their work and develop new innovations.

Environment, Climate Change and Natural Resources:

Environment, Climate Change and Natural Resources pose some of the most challenging global threats to humanity in the 21st Century. In order to achieve global sustainable development, countries and their people should adopt multi-disciplinary approaches to solve these global issues.
We develop proposals, implement projects and write reports. Projects include Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM), Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), Natural Resource management, Climate Change Mitigations and Adaptations (CCMA), Climate change awareness, Organic Agriculture (OA) and Social/Fair Trade Certifications.

Dissemination of funding information to organizations:

More often grassroots development organizations lack access to funding sources thereby hampering their development initiatives. We disseminate project funding information in the global sustainability sector to organizations in search of project financing


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