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What the society talks about Pilot International.

Through its platform, Pilot International has generously empowered the society contributing to the quality of life through its business, charity activities and linkages. It has motivated students and the youth to take up environmental studies and business minded people to come up with environmental innovations. It has awarded prizes to world icons in sustainability and cleantech innovations. It has linked development professionals, experts and business people to markets, development, partnership and funding opportunities locally and internationally. Below are some of the testimonials from our beneficiaries:


“Pilot International has created a positive challenge as an opportunity for business. This is a turning point for both Government and the Private sectors. Minister of Water and Environment, Republic of Uganda, during the opening ceremony of the 2010 Pilot International Conference”.

“I like Pilot International Conferences because of the first class business opportunities affiliated with them:
Speakers, Sponsors, Exhibitors, participants and media partners hailed Pilot International events as  successes, commending their numerous exciting exposure and networking benefits, through out the conference and during the Global awards ceremony. “As a sponsor, I feel I have been exposed more than enough; Exposure at the conference and the awards ceremony where I met additional contacts, plus a free advert in the pilot international newsletter which was carried back home by all participants, was too additional for me”. 2011 event sponsor”.

“Speakers at the Pilot International Conferences have been ranked highly:
This is what the participants said about previous speakers: “Interesting; Did a good job; Were of high calibre, perfect and knowledgeable; Well presented; Very useful; Excellent and thanks to Pilot International for bringing them because their ideas were useful; we need good quality contacts for business”.

“At my Institute, I told all my colleagues about the Pilot International conference in Uganda. Everyone was very interested to learn about Africa, about the city, about life in Uganda.  I showed the photos to our faculty.
They were all very surprised by the story, because we do not know anything about Africa.  It was the most wonderful trip, it was a very interesting conference, you had a very high level of participation. Thank you very much, and looking forward to the 2012 conference! 2011 event speaker from Russia”.

“Dear Mme President Ma, congratulations on your successful hosting and conduct of the 2011 conference. I wish to be there in 2012, 2010 event speaker from Nigeria”.

“Dear Colleagues, Thank you for holding such a successful conference. I write to inform you that I am interested in attending the 2012 International Summit in Kampala city. Your cooperation is highly solicited, Interest from Sierra Leone”.

Pilot International Newsletter:

“Pilot International is truly International! A client from Fair Food International South Africa contacted me after reading about my business from the Pilot International Newsletter. When she came to attend the 2011 Pilot International Conference, she visited my office in Wandegeya, Kampala to inquire about our Bella Organic wine and future business collaboration. Thank you, Pilot International”, MD Bella wine, Uganda”.

“Global Readership and free access. I like to advertise in Pilot International Newsletter because of its global coverage and free access. I know that if people have missed out reading about my advert in the print, they will see it on the web anytime, Solar professional”.
“Your newsletter is really inspiring, very educative and developmental, its one of the best. Am very eager to meet you, I want to join your organization as a member, God bless you, Jacent, Kampala Uganda”.

“My most sincere congratulations for all your activities and I am thankful for the opportunity you opened to me as a guest editor for the 3rd edition of the Pilot International Newsletter. I will share the newsletter with all my colleagues in the Netherlands as well as my home area in Bogotá, Colombia South America and beyond. Edgar Hernan Cruz Martinez, Associate Consultant Energy, Climate and Sustainability Solutions, The Netherlands”.

“Hi, I have read your pilot international newsletter. I am interested in finding solution(s) to waste management by poor households and SMEs enterprises in Mombasa Kenya. I am seeking for the assistance your organization and collaboration or links to other organizations for relevant alignment on this subject. I will be glad to hear from you, Moses Mandu, Kenya”.

“Dear Editor at Pilot International, These are the opportunities we have been looking for. Thanks for being resourceful, Environmental Officer Kiboga Uganda”.

“I am a Ugandan, a lecturer, researcher and consultant in Uganda. I thank you very much for the work which you are doing at the Pilot International newsletter. I support you and encourage you to keep it up. I am keenly interested in CDM projects that involve sequestration of carbon through afforestation/reforestation of degraded and other types of land in Uganda.
I wonder whether you would be interested or you have any other person who would be interested in working with me in this area. The project will involve, among other things, identifying sizeable piece of land, leasing or buying the land, securing a funding partner and identifying market for the carbon. Secondly, I wonder whether you would be interested or you know any other person who would be interested in carrying out joint research with me in areas of sustainability systems, Finance and Corporate Governance, Dr Andrew, Kampala Uganda”.

Youth Programs (Internships, volunteerships, mentorships and employment opportunities):

“Pilot International is a good project, it really mentored me. I worked as a volunteer for one year at Pilot International. What I liked most is the exposure, practicability, active involvement in all the activities, the working standards and I learnt never to settle for less in life. I was able to get a reputable job with an international NGO after my volunteership under the recommendation of the President & CEO. As a global platform, pilot international has high level contacts and networks from all corners and offers on job training, helping graduates to relate with the community. I recommend young graduates to do their internships and volunteer at Pilot International”. 2010 Intern and Volunteer”.

“I am Abel Mwesigye. Great thanks & appreciation to the President & CEO, Pilot International who offered me a place of internship in her organization. She allowed me to volunteer after the internship program, and later on she employed me at various positions. During my stay, I enjoyed a lot such as exposure; training & skills development; networking opportunities and friendship which enabled me acquire a good job later on.
With the skills and potential such as public speaking, networking and self expression among others I acquired while at pilot international, I am able to organize youth conferences, seminars and running various projects with the Local government. I give sincere gratitude to madam President  & CEO for her endless mentorship which she provides to every one. With her efforts she has made Pilot International a plat form for enthusiastic people to achieve their goals.  All the projects run by Pilot International are goal oriented given the fact they are always aiming at development with a global sustainability attitude. Bravo Pilot International for the work done”.

Pilot International awards (Global Pilot Awards):

 “During the 2011 Global awards ceremony, Mr. Patrick Ocilap, Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development who also bestowed the awards to the winners commended the winners for their dedication, courageous and positive contribution to humankind as well as on the planet. He also thanked Pilot International for this initiative, Mr. Patrick Ocilap, Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, Republic of Uganda”.

“The Pilot Awards are very motivating and encouraging. Thank you Pilot International for recognizing my efforts, 2010 award winner”.

“Pilot International has created a positive challenge to us the world over, we should all work together to promote global sustainability, and we look forward to partnering with Pilot International”, 2011 participant from Ethiopia during the awards ceremony”.

Women Empowerment and Corporate Social Responsibility:

“I am a social worker. For the Last 30 years I worked in the rural areas of India. Now I am in South India Kerala. My organization is called RASTA.
I am among 1000 women collectively nominated for Nobel peace prize 2005, and one of three finalists for UNEP Sasakawa environmental prize for climate change in 2007. I got the contacts for these nominations from Pilot International website (www.pilot-int.org). I would like to attend the pilot international conference on Climate change at Uganda in November 2010. Thank you, please drop me a line. Thanking you, best wishes & happy New Year, Omana, India”.

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